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December 2017 - Blankets For The Homeless

Winter season in north India is relatively cold as compared to other parts of India. Although Lucknow never gets snow but it is swept by ice cold Himalayan winds from later December through end of January. Temprature can drop down to 1 degree Celsius.

This time of the season is especially harsh for the poor who live on the streets. Homeless people spend the chilly nights out in the open and sleep on pavements. Neha Srivastava, who is an audit manager in Lucknow office, came up with a noble idea to help at least some of the poor by providing warm blankets and food packets. Colleagues from Boulder and Lucknow offices contributed by donating money for the cause.

On the night of 28th December, volunteers packed their cars with blankets and food packets which they distributed to poor people on the streets. Here are some photographs.

Neha Srivastava distributing food packets and warm blankets

Here are other pictures from the event.

in3 volunteers

From left: Manish Kumar, Neha Srivastava, Shriya Raghuvanshi, Rajnish Singh, Shipra Tiwari, Vikas Rautela, Ashika Shanker, Amir Khan, Piush Singh, Sohrab Swing (photographer)