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February, 2015 - Corden Pharma Colorado Regional Science Fair

in3 volunteers helped setup and dismantle the facility supporting the students and judges of the 2015 BVSD Corden Pharma Science Fair.

The Corden Pharma Colorado Regional Science Fair is a meeting place for students and scientists. Here the students have the opportunity to exhibit their projects, share ideas with other students, and discuss their projects with scientists. The four main purposes of the Regional Secondary Science Fair are:

  1. To stimulate student interest in all fields of science
  2. To give students an opportunity to learn first hand the process of scientific investigation
  3. To give students the opportunity to present and discuss their findings with other students
    and with scientists in the community
  4. To recognize and reward outstanding student work

For more information, see - BVSD Corden Pharma Science Fair