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2010 - in3 Returns to Ehsaas Orphanage

in3corp staff members, mostly from the firm's Lucknow, UP, India office, returned to Ehsaas orphanage again this year on May 8 as part of in3corp's commitment to support our communities. At Ehsaas, children receive educational, health, recreational, vocational, and counseling support.

Sixteen in3corp employees spent an hour at Ehsaas, which is home to up to 25 children, aged 10 to 18 years old, who are in crisis or would otherwise be on their own on the city streets. The visit was an opportunity to make the children feel as though they belong and that they have people who care about them.

Vanika Gulati (center) and Neha Srivastava (far right) take time from work at in3corp to volunteer with children at Ehsaas.

Along with an employer match, in3corp staff contributed a total of 18,750 INR (406 USD) to help the non-government organization operate and fulfill its mission of educating and supporting children so that they can become positive, contributing members of society..

In addition to multi-faceted support programs that teach life skills and focus on the "best interest of the child," Ehsaas runs successful home-placement camps to find lost children's families and reintegrate the youth back into their homes. The State Department supported Ehsaas on this model initiative, which helped children return home with functional coping mechanisms and supported the government's role in ensuring family welfare.

in3corp workers Ranjeet Singh and Pawan Singh (back row, from left) spend time with children at Ehsaas.

During in3corp's visit, a few boys performed songs for the volunteers, which touched the employees' hearts so much, they asked the children to repeat the song "Just Now" a second time. The children also showed off their handicrafts, which include a variety of candles and paper envelopes that they sell..

in3corp employees Neha Srivastava, Mohita Bhalla, and Jaya Poonja (from left to right) enjoy listening to Ehsaas boys sing “Just Now”

in3corp intends to return to Ehsaas for another visit next year.

For more information about Ehsaas or to sponsor a child or otherwise support this important organization, please visit