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August, 2016 - Mahamana Malaviya Mission

Mahamana Malaviya Vidya Mandir was started in 1990 in Vivek Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow for imparting value-based education. Mahamana Malaviya Vidya Mandir was upgraded to 12th standard in 2004. The institution is based on the ideals of Malaviyaji and lays stress on physical, mental and spiritual development of the students, inculcation of a sense of discipline, love for Indian culture and Motherland. There are about 300 students, 15 teachers and 5 staff members. Below are the Aims and Objectives of the Mahamana Malaviya Mission

  1. To propagate the ideals and thoughts of Mahamana Madan Mohan Malaviya
  2. To preserve and promote Indian Culture and tradition through various projects and Programmes
  3. To promote the values for which Malaviyaji created the Banaras Hindu University and to work for raising its stature as a leading International Centre of learning.
  4. To build a strong national character in youth through education based on Indian cultural and moral values

This was in3's second visit to the orphanage. in3 got in touch with the organization before the visit and learnt that they required a refrigerator. Employees of in3 Lucknow office and in3 management pooled in money for the refrigerator.

On 6th August 2016, in3 visited the organization and arranged a lunch for the kids. in3 employees spent quality time with the kids who entertained them by singing Bollywood songs. They also shared their career aspirations and favourite movie stars.

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