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April 2019 - Sarthak Foundation, Lucknow

In April of 2019, in3 team again visited a Sarthak Foundation learning center. The purpose of the visit was to continue to encourage children in their endeavor to attain a proper education. in3corp also has underwritten the high school curriculum (Grades 8-12 are non-compulsory and are paid tuition in India) of a 13-year-old girl named Sudha. She loves to dance and teach other kids. Her father, a fruit seller, cannot afford the ongoing costs of her education. She will be progressing to grade 8.

in3 volunteers along with CEO Miguel Zavala braved the sweltering April Sun to take part in this meaningful and valuable event.

Miguel spent time interacting with the children who instantly developed a bond with him. Dressed in yellow uniforms, they shared their hobbies and talents, and peppered him with questions in well-practiced English.

Someone from among the children asked Miguel about his favourite color and he said "My favorite color today is yellow"; the children filled the neighborhood with their claps and shouts of joy.

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Here are some images from the event:

in3 with their CEO, Miguel Zavala, at Sarthak
Interacting with the childrenMiguel with Sudha who is sponsored by in3

Group photograph of in3 with Sarthak