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October 2019 - Sarthak Foundation, Lucknow

in3 team once again visited Sarthak Foundation learning center on 20th October 2019.

Sarthak volunteer, Kshama Hastak, welcomed in3 and spoke regarding the work that Sarthak was doing. She informed that the number of children has increased and for this reason they would add another classroom soon.

The children introcuded themselves one by one and some entertained the gathering by singing songs and reciting poems.

Afterwards in3 people distributed school bags, stationary and eatables to the children. We bid adieu after a group photograph.

For more information on Sarthak, please visit

Here are some images from the event:

in3 CEO, Miguel Zavala, addressing children
Sarthak volunteer Kshama HastakA cute girl introducing herself

in3 personnel distributing school bags and stationary

Miguel with some older kids

Group photograph