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Miguel Zavala - Allen | CEO
Miguel Zavala – Allen | CEO

Our staff is well-trained to minimize intrusion while maximizing impact. Each field staff member is cognizant of industry practices and supply strategies. Each has extensive knowledge of research methodologies and financial controls. This experience allows us to conduct our research and analysis independently.

information. insight. integrity.

It’s our promise. It’s our name.

At home in the Rocky Mountains, our Boulder Team serves a global clientele with billions under management. It’s my pleasure to introduce our friends, both new and old to in3’s ever evolving enhanced supply chain strategy.

Move mountains,


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Boulder, CO 80301

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Founded in 2000, in3 is a key provider of forensic accounting projects for Finance and Procurement Operations; keying upon contract compliance, cost avoidance and royalty verification major manufacturers and service providers. Our clients operate worldwide and our projects typically engage a multitude of sites.

in3’s Boulder Headquarters coordinates global operations
and provides overall administrative and strategic support.



in3 International Offices

SP20, Sector C, Aliganj, Lucknow, U.P.

To find out how your supply chain can benefit from our services, email us.


in3 Lucknow provides logistical support for our global clients, especially those located in Asia.

Our teams provide maximum impact with minimal disruption to ongoing operations. Engagements can vary from operational check-up to full, deep-dive analysis. in3 conducts extensive engagements in 56 different spend categories, as well as inbound revenue streams and sales verifications.


in3 provides supply chain auditing and consulting services.

We target specific industries to add value through increased controls, best practices, and enhanced visibility into real world business practices. Our projects identify lost cost, lost revenue, mitigate future excesses/shortfalls, and align our clients with optimal workflows.



Nick Brown

Nick Brown
Vice President

I joined in3 in 2001 after starting my career with stints in business analytics at Parascript and procurement at Circular Technologies. I was drawn to in3 because of the myriad challenges made available by working at in3. I have remained with in3 because of the quality of the people I get to work with everyday.

In my off-time, I serve on my town’s board of finance, coach my son’s baseball team, grow garlic, cut firewood, and root for the Boston Red Sox and the University of Connecticut Huskies.



Natalia Jezierska
Director – Account Relationship Management

In early 2015 I joined the in3corp team having recently graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder Leeds’ School of Business. I am responsible for all key account relationships, vetting in3’s projects and all escalations. I appreciate the sense of community at in3corp – a community in which we strive for improvement.

During my time off I enjoy skiing and hiking the Rocky Mountains. When I’m able I love to scuba dive especially on night dives. Reading and gardening are some of my other pastimes.




Shriya Raghuvanshi
Manager – Business Interface

I joined in3 in December 2013 as an intern and since then my journey has been thrilling.

I graduated from University of Lucknow with a degree in Bachelor of commerce and joined the in3 family as a fresher. During my tenure, I worked as a team leader handling multiple projects for our diversified clients. I am currently working as Manager of Business Interface. All these years have been a great learning experience for me as every day I learn something new. I have gained experience in not only multiple types of audits but also I am learing to manage client relationship.




Amir Khan
Audit Manager

I joined in3 in 2008 with a thirst for challenge and the intent of bettering myself. Coupled with my entrepreneurial attitude, I have developed into a go-to resource for any discussion in which additional diplomacy is needed. My team is posed to launch audits at any moment ranging from fifty-six different spend categories, providing me with a constant intellectual challenge and opportunity to manage my teams’ diverse talent.

Since joining in3, I have been promoted to Audit Manager. In this role, I look forward to support a larger team and continue to provide clients detailed audit findings and recommend process improvements. Through Quarterly Performance Appraisals, I help the in3 team examine their own weaknesses establishing continued professional development as a core component of in3s’ company culture.

Most of all, I am proud to be an entrepreneur within in3 and am excited to be able to help in3 clients in different ways with my position.


Syed Ifrah Ali
Audit Manager

Post completion of my masters in business administration, I got the opportunity to work with in3 in late 2016. Maneuvering through variety of challenges, currently my role as  Audit Manager is to manage a team of experts and provide best in class solutions to our Freight clients.

Coming from the Himalayan region of North West India, what surprised me the most is how diversity is valued at in3, be it diversity of opinions or the diverse group of people who pan across pacific, can come together as one and create value. This culture motivated me to be creative, develop out of the box solutions and be passionate about delivering customized solutions to people we work with.

My growth within in3 as a professional and at the same time as an individual has been immense and has transformed me into a confident person who is vying for challenges.


Jaya Tiwari
Lead Auditor

My journey with in3 started in the summer of 2015 as a fresher and over the years have seen myself grow at a professional as well as at an individual level.

in3corp opened up opportunities for me to compete with top professionals on world stage by providing exposure to overseas clientele. I had the opportunity to develop my confidence and personality by interacting with various clients and suppliers. My confidence increased manifolds as I was challenged to grow at multiple levels.

In my free time, I like to watch videos series, read novels, go for rides, and hang out with friends.

Raheel Aftab

Mohd. Raheel Aftab
Lead Auditor

I joined in3 in 2009 as a fresh MBA graduate, specialized in Finance. Since then I worked on multitude of projects from A/P and A/R reconciliations to contract and compliance audits. I parted ways with in3 in 2016 to explore my entrepreneurial skills.

I rejoined in early 2022 and have been placed in the Freight projects, where I am learning the nitty-gritty of the complex freight world, which has contributed to my development as an overall audit professional. The best part of working at in3 is that you get to work with so many lovely people across the globe.

Apart from work, I love to spend time with my family and my small garden, which relaxes and rejuvenates me for the challenges that life throws at me.


Abhishek Tewari
Lead Auditor

My journey with in3 started in late 2015. Since then, I have grown both personally and professionally. Through this time, I worked in a range of roles, accessing and analyzing different business relationships. Currently, I lead my team through everyday problem solving with the intent to create the value that we promise our clients.

Apart from audits, I am fascinated by podcasts and light reading. My love for fiction and storytelling also extends to web series and movies.

Komal Singh

Komal Singh
Lead Auditor

My journey with in3corp started in early 2020, and since then, I have had the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. During this time, I have worked in various roles, beginning my journey as an Audit Analyst and currently leading my team to complete daily tasks with perfection and make a significant impact.

Working at in3corp has given me a chance to challenge myself and refine my skills. At in3corp, we embrace challenges with open arms and we believe in continual improvement. The best part of working at in3corp is that we get to work with multiple clients and in various environments across the globe.

Apart from work, I enjoy spending my free time with books, and I am also a huge fan of action movies.


Siddharth Asthana
IT Manager

Starting my career as a Key Account Manager, I managed significant accounts showcasing my capability in fostering long-term relationships, driving revenue growth, and enhancing customer satisfaction through continuous innovation. As an IT professional specializing in maintenance, development, and security, I bring a wealth of experience to my role at in3corp, which I joined in 2024. My focus on accessibility and performance optimization ensures seamless functionality across various platforms. I have successfully translated designs and wireframes into high-quality code, collaborating closely with backend teams to oversee visualization, project planning, and efficient software solutions. I have also spearheaded the creation of software interfaces designed to improve sales tracking and management, demonstrating my ability to drive digital transformation and empower teams with powerful tools and insights.

In my free time, I love cooking, which allows me to explore diverse culinary traditions and experiment with new recipes. Playing computer games is another passion of mine, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and mental stimulation. Additionally, I enjoy traveling to hill stations, where I can immerse myself in nature’s tranquillity and recharge amidst stunning landscapes. These hobbies not only provide a well-rounded balance to my professional life but also inspire creativity and problem-solving skills that I bring to my work.