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We Measure

We Measure


Benchmarking can be a valuable tool for improvement. Used effectively, benchmarks provide a tool for comparison and offer measurement towards continual process improvements. in3 delves into the transaction workflows of each client to provide real-world metrics and opportunities for optimization.

That which is measured tends to improve…


we find the truth


We Find The Truth

Founded in 2000, in3 is a key provider of forensic accounting projects for Finance and Procurement Operations.

We key on contract compliance, cost avoidance and royalty verification projects for major manufacturers and service providers. Our clients operate worldwide and our projects typically engage a multitude of sites.

in3’s Boulder, Colorado headquarters coordinates global operations and provides overall administrative and strategic support. Our Lucknow, India site provides logistical support for our global clients, especially those located in Asia.

Our teams provide maximum impact with minimal disruption to ongoing operations. Engagements can vary from operational check-up to full, deep-dive analysis. in3 conducts extensive engagements in 56 different spend categories, as well as inbound revenue streams and sales verification.

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in3 is a key provider of cash/cost recovery, cost avoidance and Royalty Verification programs to major manufacturers and service providers. Our projects result in impactful analysis of business processes and controls; as well as cost mitigation or recovery.


transactional analysis

in3 Transaction Analysis Reports (TAR) summarize key process statistics along the process productivity, control and benchmark metrics. These reports, a standard deliverable of most financial transaction engagements, provide enormous insight into how processes are operating and where special attention may be needed. 




As part of our typical reviews, in3 offers a myriad of workflow, financial, and operational strategies. For instance, a recent supply chain review examined the implications of importing to a certain location. Meanwhile, an alternative port nearby offered substantial cost savings in tax and warehouse costs. in3 worked with our client to coordinate the shift; with substantial net savings and no impact to operations.

Another project included the scrub of Costed Bills of Material. Our team found that manufacturing operations were utilizing outdated BOMs. This then meant that the client was shipping final builds with overpriced or superfluous components. The cost implications were enormous, with savings in the 15-35% range per assembly.

Our teams have broad experience and visibility across a wide range of commodities and markets. We can utilize this vision to provide cost and/or process optimization strategies. Real-world forward savings can be engaged directly by our teams, or can be folded into a forward supplier management strategy.

managed workflow

in3 metrics allow for comparative analysis within industry and across all industries. Metrics are meaningless without straight, apples-to-apples comparison. Our in-depth focus and technology experience allows real, impactful workflow assessment. Please click on the below sample to view a full-size PDF file.




The purpose of collecting data in a benchmarking study is much more than understanding which companies excel at certain process execution and by how much. This alone does not answer how Best Practice performance is achieved, so benchmark data collection is geared toward understanding the “enablers” of best practice performance. in3 excels at data analysis and recovery, and through a dissection of data from your systems we offer comprehensive analysis of your processes and metrics. In short, our benchmarking program provides real world impact.
in3 maintains a number of metrics related to overall transaction workflow. We also measure key parts of the transaction workflow with precision metrics. We measure the performance of our clientele within their industry, across like-sized organizations, and across related spectra. Our optimization strategies align our clientele with Best Practices. It’s that simple.
ip capabilities
in3 supports licensing and royalty activities by performing revenue verification audits. We identify the key terms and conditions of these agreements and quantify related activities.



It’s Friday afternoon. You’re sitting at your desk with a contract renewal ready for signature; the culmination of hundreds of messages, calls and emails in which your team brokered a hard won contract. But you have questions:

– Did I get that 5% rebate?
– Were terms honored in all countries?
– Did my KPIs get measured?

Our teams answer those questions.

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