November 2021 – Sarthak Foundation

Post covid-19 restrictions, in3 could resume its community services in Lucknow.  This time in3 again reached out to Sarthak foundation to know their requirements so that in3 could make necessary contribution.

in3 donated stationery items including pencils, erasers, boxes, books and so forth to Sarthak foundation.  The funds from in3 helped two Sarthak locations.

Some in3 personnel visited Sarthak class room situated in Indira Nagar, Lucknow on 27th November 2021.


Sarthak children welcome in3

Sarthak children welcome in3

IMG_6331 (2)

The children greeted in3 team courteously in English.  They interacted in English which indicates the good work done by the volunteer teachers.

Sarthak classes are called yellow rooms for their distinctive yellow wall paint.

Sarthak classes are called yellow rooms for their distinctive yellow wall paint.


Aparnaa, who is head of relationships was present with volunteer teachers Abhinav, who teaches English, and Shristi, who teaches Sciences.  Reema, who is the coordinator, could not attend the event.


in3 personnel interacted with the children and learnt how they managed during Covid-19 lockdown.  It was humbling to know that many of these children had helped the people around them in many ways.

We also met Sudha who would be appearing for her first school certification examination this year.  She was extremely thankful to in3 for helping her achieve this feat.


in3 personnel distributed the stationery to the children who were gleeful and thankful for the gifts.

The day ended on a happy note.  It gives us joy that we were able to support our community again post Covid-19.